Monday, July 14, 2008

The Spirit Leaked Trailer

The full length trailer of the Spirit has leaked on the web (how such a good quality bootleg trailer of the spirit may have leaked ???). This new Spirit trailer is really stylized, even more so than Sin City.

here below the leaked trailer of The Spirit:

Take down notice from Lionsgate
If you have any questions please contact Lionsgate ;-p

The trailer of the Spirit is now officially available at:

--> The Spirit Official Trailer

I understand why the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson, by the way does the Octopus sound like being gay?) asks to the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) what's with him and women! The Spirit get laid quite often it seems, and by gorgeous women: what a lucky bastard!

All in all I really appreciate this trailer: the music, the special effects, the text, the women! But I' m afraid that the artistic value of this trailer may not appeal to a wide public. I hope that Frank Miller upcoming movie The Spirit will not suffer from it.


Anonymous said...

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