Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Spirit Official Trailer

The full length trailer of the Spirit has been officially released after it leaked yesterday. A luddite company like Paramount would have stubbornly and vainly tried to take down from every site of the Internet. But Lionsgate, company in charge of distributing the Spirit, shows that it is much smarter: Many thanks to Lionsgate!

Here below the amazing official trailer of the Spirit (via yahoo Movie):

Frank Miller has made a great job: judging from this trailer of The Spirit I bet the movie is going to be a blockbuster.

No man could resist to such beautiful women! Besides even Samuel L. Jackson in his outfit of the Octopus is worth a look:
He is so funny in his role of crazy and twisted evil mastermind, the Octopus nemesis of the Spirit.

The soundtrack used for this trailer of the Spirit is really great. It is a song by Hybrid titled Choke:

Impatient to see the Spirit in my theater!


Anonymous said...

I saw The Dark Knight this afternoon, and this preview as well. I knew I recognized the music, but couldn't but my finger on the title. Thanks!